News Item: Electrolux Frig
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Posted by slackker
Tuesday December 05 2017 - 19:49:44

For informational purpose our Electrolux Frig has not been a very good product.
We brought this Electrolux Frig in December 2012 and it is 5 years old.
We spent several thousand dollars on our Electrolux Frig.
We have had problems from the first year.
We have Replaced Main Board once also.
This year the Electrolux Frig decided to stop making ice.
We started investigating the Electrolux Frig problems.
We looked on the internet and found the Electrolux Frig had many complaints.
I did chat with Electrolux rep. What do you know its out of warranty.

Does your Electrolux Frig Ice Maker not work? Mine does not

No ice inside but I do have ice Outside of my Electrolux Frig.

Does your Electrolux Frig have Rust forming on the outside? Mine Does

Have you replaced the Main Circuit Board in your Electrolux Frig? I Have

Have your Electrolux Frig Roller shelves needed repair? Mine did

Have we enjoyed our Electrolux Frig? No

Should you buy a Electrolux Frig? Take a look at My Electrolux Frig Here and you decide.

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