Vanishing Message

Vanishing Message has been released by John Kapili. Vanishing Message is a file message that can be sent by email attachment or file transfer. The message can be read by the recipient then vanishes without a trace. As we all know there are times when we need to send a message to someone that we want no trace of later. Vanishing Message uses a random encryption on all words, no word is ever encrypted the same. The message vanishes if exited, cannot be copied, if viewed longer than 1 minute it vanishes and you can use the same file to forward or email another person a new message. So prove it!!! Did it ever exist?

You may download Vanishing Message here Vanishing Message or in the Program section of Downloads

If you have a question about Vanishing Message contact John Kapili I would like to thank everyone for trying Vanishing Message. Please leave your comments below.

How to use Vanishing Message. Try this::::::::::

1. Install Program (Vanishing Message)
2. Look at C:|Program Files|Vanishing Message|Message.xvm
3. Make a copy of Message.xvm on your desktop
4. Double Click Message.xvm Type your message and save. It will be encrypted. Now exit.
5. Right Click Message.xvm highlight Send To click Mail Recipient.
6. Message.xvm is attached to email just enter the email address and click send.
7. The person you send the Vanishing Message must also have Vanishing Message installed to read it.
8. The person recieving the email opens the attachment Vanishing Message runs they click Reveal Message they read it. If they exit its gone or after a minute its gone.
9. Thats it. You do not have to write anything in the email body because your message is a Vanishing Message.

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